Tuesday, June 9

What You Need to Know About Men’s Watches for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and there’s nothing Dad would appreciate more than the gift of time. Yes, one of his greatest joys is just spending time with you, but he’d also love a cool timepiece. So here’s a 30-second download on all things watch to help you with your selection.

What’s a Movement and Why Does It Matter?
They say time marches on, but without a movement, that wouldn’t be true for watches. A movement drives the watch’s inner workings and enables it to keep time.

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Mechanical: Wound by hand. Great for dads who love to do it old school.

Quartz: Battery-powered, highly accurate and lots of choices of watch styles. The battery will need to be replaced probably every two to four years.

Kinetic and automatic: Powered by the motion of your body. So when Dad’s putting on the driving range, he’s also recharging his watch battery.

Solar: Powered by natural and artificial light so you never need to recharge a battery. And it stores up energy, so Dad can be punctual both day and night.

Atomic: Receives data via radio signal from an official cesium atomic clock for highly accurate timekeeping. Won’t Dad find that cool?

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Dialing Up the Differences
The dial is the face of the watch. The display is how it shows the time. The dial and display affect both the aesthetics and the functionality of a watch.

Analog: Uses hour, minute and sometimes second hands to show the time. Perfect if your dad’s traditional or likes a dressier watch.

Digital: Displays the time with numerals. Great if your dad’s style is casual or sporty. Some watches include both analog and digital displays.

Skeleton: Absolutely nothing to do with Halloween. It’s a type of analog dial that has a cutout that reveals the inner workings of the watch.

Multifunction: Does more than just tell time. Can be either digital or analog. If analog, it typically has three subdials—24-hour a.m./p.m., day and date.

Chronograph: A multifunction watch that includes a stopwatch. Can be either digital or analog. If analog, it typically has three subdials—24-hour a.m./p.m., minutes and seconds.

Crystal: The cover that protects the dial.

Bezel: The ring that holds the crystal in place. Some are purely decorative, while some rotate to serve as a quick-read timer. On a dive watch, a rotating bezel is used to time how long a diver’s been submerged. But it could just as easily time how long the steaks have been on the grill or when you need to feed a parking meter.

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To Splash or Not To Splash
Many men’s watches have notched, numbered bezels, the classic look of a dive watch. But most really aren’t safe for scuba diving. Recreational scuba divers need a minimum of 200-meter water resistance. Recreational swimmers need a minimum of 100-meter water resistance. Water resistance of 10, 30 or 50 meters means you might be okay with a splash from the sink or getting caught for a brief time in the rain. Water resistance is sometimes stated as ATM, which equals 10 meters. A 200-meter water-resistant watch would be stated as 20ATM.

There’s Always Time for More
If your dad’s into gadgets and gizmos, he’s sure to be impressed by a watch that tells the time in 48 different cities around the globe. Hikers would love a watch that has a built-in compass, altimeter, barometer and thermometer. And if your dad is a genuine or wannabe fitness buff, get him an activity-tracking sport watch that monitors everything from sleep and calories burned to total steps and goals.

A watch is truly the gift of time. Choose the right one for your dad, and you’ll find it’s a timeless gift of both fashion and function.